More about Colleen Casey

My professional experience includes working with competitive runners, cyclists, triathletes; professional baseball and soccer players, and active people of all levels. I am proud to be part of a network of therapists providing sports massage to NBA, MLB and NHL players when traveling to Denver.



"I never thought I needed massage until I injured my calf before my first half marathon. The unexpected by-product of my first massage sessions was it felt easier to reach my times for a workout. The occasional cramps in the foot or leg between runs were less frequent. After two more sessions the calf healed and a month later I beat my race goal. Now I include twice monthly massage sessions in my training program." ~ Robert G., Attorney
We offer results-oriented massage therapy in downtown Denver and can also bring massage services to your office or home.

With ten years of experience working with active people of all levels and ages, we can bring pain relief, faster recovery from workouts, and help you perform your best whether you are starting a running program, a competitive triathlete, weekend warrior or anything in between.

Appointments are available Monday through Friday. We look forward to working with you!

- Colleen Casey, Registered Massage Therapist, owner. Colorado license #00013160