Sports Massage


Sports massage has many benefits that can give you an edge over your competition (even if you are your own competitor).  Massage speeds healing and recovery times after exercise, reduces pain, increases endurance and helps you sustain higher levels of performance.  And it feels good.

By improving blood circulation, massage helps your body more effectively carry nutrients to muscles as well as remove waste. This speeds muscle healing and also keeps body organs healthy. Deep strokes stretch and broaden muscle tissue which helps improve flexibility.

If you are used to a “spa” massage, expect deeper and specific pressure with a sports massage.  It doesn’t have to be painful, but you may be pushed close to the edge of your comfort zone.  Open communication between us ensures that the pressure is appropriate and effective.

I recommend twice monthly massage as part of your regular fitness program to help you train more effectively, perform better, overcome injuries quickly and enjoy staying healthy.

Here’s how training and massage affect your body:

After hard training or an athletic event, muscles become constricted and shortened. Very small tears occur in muscle fibers which can lead to swelling and forming of adhesions. Without proper rest, stretching or massage, muscles can become increasingly fatigued, contracted and inflexible.


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