Thump Cycling

Specializing in sports recovery & flexibility using fascial stretch therapy – effective in improving performance and strength.

After hard training or a race, muscles become constricted and shortened. Very small tears occur in muscle fibers which can lead to swelling and forming of adhesions. Without proper rest, stretching or massage, muscles can become increasingly fatigued, contracted and inflexible.

I recommend twice monthly massage as part of your regular fitness program to help you train more effectively, perform better, overcome injuries quickly and enjoy staying healthy.


*Special Pricing for RMRC Team Members*

  • First Session – $50 for one hour & $85 for 90 minutes (Save $30)
  • Then $65 & $100 a la carte

*Deeper discounts apply when you purchase a package of 5

60-minutes – $275 = $55 each

90-minutes – $450 = $90 each


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