November 4, 2013.  BodyLab.  Photo by Ellen Jaskol

Colleen Casey, Registered Massage Therapist,
Certified Fascial Stretch Therapist

Colleen has practiced massage since 2002.  She chose to specialize in Sports Massage because she enjoys working with athletes and active people to help them stay active, injury-free and performing at their best.  Her professional experience includes working with competitive runners, cyclists, triathletes, NFL, MLB and MLS players, and active people of all levels.  She is currently a sponsor of the Rocky Mountain Road Club cycling team. 

Colleen received her massage training and Sports Massage Certification at the nationally acclaimed Brenneke School of Massage in Seattle (now Cortiva).  She then studied Fascial Stretch Therapy in 2013 with Ann and Chris Frederick, authors of the book Stretch to Win.   Based on new scientific research, this type of assisted stretching will speed recovery and lengthen and re-align your body for improved mobility. Optimized mobility results in improved sports performance and strength, and fewer injuries.