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Colleen Casey

Registered Massage Therapist, Certified Fascial Stretch Therapist, Certified Nutrition Coach, Owner

Thanks for visiting! I'm passionate about helping athletes and active people perform at an optimal level, recover quickly and feel their best. I utilize Fascial Stretch Therapy with every client because it's a science-based, pain-free way to create mobility and keep injuries at bay. I love seeing my clients moving freely and with ease. I have practiced massage since 2002, received my certification in Fascial Stretch Therapy from the Stretch to Win Institute in 2013 and became a certified nutrition coach through Precision Nutrition in 2019. I can help you whether you are training for your first 1/2 marathon, are a professional athlete, weekend climber, triathlete, skier, or anything in between. In my free time, I love hiking with my dog Cody, cooking and vacationing to lakes and oceans. I look forward to working with you! Colleen - Colorado Massage license #0013160



Our goal is to eliminate pain and restore mobility and function 

so you are able to enjoy the activities you love.

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Muscle Activation Techniques

Imbalances in muscle strength and stability are corrected, resulting in restored mobility and less pain.


Sports Massage

Speed recovery, reduce pain, increase endurance and sustain higher levels of performance.

Fascial stretch therapy

Fascial Stretch Therapy

Fascial Stretch Therapy combines the art of manual therapy with science.


A few months ago I started seeing Wyatt to help with shoulder pain. Not only is my pain completely gone, Wyatt has been able to easily explain the intricacies of MAT. Each session we talk about which muscle we need to get “firing” to resolve the correlating pain I’m experiencing. My shoulder, back, and hips have never felt more in sync.

~ Jordan, Pilot

Colleen uses evidence-based practices that work on flexibility and releasing muscle tension. She utilizes fascial stretch therapy which is extremely effective and surprisingly comfortable. After my long runs I notice that my range of motion is better and that my legs felt quite fresh. Colleen has contributed to my recent marathon success (Set a PR and qualified for Boston).

~ Farooq, Competitive Runner and Dancer

Colleen is amazing! As an athlete, her services are indispensable to me. Proper training requires recovery, and massage and fascial stretching are key to my recovery. I can get back out and race on the bike all season while avoiding injuries. I have a desk job and Colleen also helps with my neck and back ailments. I’m lucky to have found her.

~ Adam, Competitive Road Cyclist

I started seeing Wyatt because of back pain that was making it difficult to work. I love that Wyatt’s approach got to the root of my issue, that a certain muscle wasn’t firing. After a few sessions I was pain-free and back to normal activities. I highly recommend Wyatt’s work!.

~ Marie, small business owner



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