Muscle Activation Techniques® (MAT®) is a revolutionary and amazingly effective approach that assesses and corrects a person’s muscular system. MAT has helped professional athletes including Bryson Dechambeau, Hope Solo, Peyton Manning, Odell Bechham, Jr and many others, and it can help you!


MAT explores what could be causing pain. Pain is an indicator that something is wrong. It tells you there is a problem, but not necessarily where the problem is. Muscle Activation Techniques has a series of checks and balances to see where there are muscle weaknesses (or inhibition). Oftentimes, these muscular weaknesses can contribute to the cause of pain. By addressing the imbalances in the muscular system, MAT can work towards resolving the issue.

MAT can help improve athletic performance. By assessing the cause of pain, improving muscle strength (which increases range of motion), and testing and then correcting an individual's muscular capabilities, it allows athletes to enhance their performance when training and competing.

MAT can help to increase range of motion. Have you ever walked on ice and felt your body immediately tense up? This is an innate response to protect you and try to prevent you from slipping and falling. Similarly, your body can sense instability from weaknesses in the muscular system. The brain then tells other muscles to tighten and limit motion in an effort to protect you. By addressing these muscle weaknesses and the resulting muscular imbalances, MAT can reduce the body’s response of tightening. Many professionals focus primarily on improving the range of motion of a client. MAT is unique in that it focuses on the muscle weaknesses. When weak muscles are activated properly this can then result not only increased strength but also in an increased range of motion.

MAT ensures that muscles can contract efficiently. Muscles contract when input from the nervous system reaches the specific muscle. Like the current from your car's battery, if there is a "bad connection" the motor won't respond. Similarly, muscles that aren't receiving proper input from the nervous system become inhibited or weak. This weak muscle loses its ability to stabilize joints and properly protect the body from injury.


Your session begins with a review of your health history and a conversation about your goals and what symptoms you may be having. MAT is pain-free.

You are fully clothed during the entire session (please wear shorts or workout pants) and laying or sitting on a treatment table. Ray will ask you to resist his pressure in specific directions. Manual pressure within your level of comfort is applied during the session.

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Ray’s fascination with the function of the human body started with a desire to learn about his own injuries. He has a strong background in human movement; he holds a degree in Exercise Science from MSU, is an ACE Certified personal trainer, and has years of experience in sports rehab and neuromuscular stretching.

Ray is excited to start working with you to eliminate your chronic pain and range of motion limitations.



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