• Four 60-min Sports Massage sessions

    $480.00 $440.00

  • Four 90-min Sports Massage sessions

    $680.00 $635.00

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Why CBD?

My CBD products are organic, sustainably sourced, and grown in Colorado.  They are full spectrum, meaning they have superior therapeutic properties compared to an isolate.

  • Scientific research has shown CBD may be therapeutic for conditions such as joint pain, sleep disorders, stress, and digestive issues (See Project CBD for more information)
  • CBD promotes homeostasis by calming the nervous system in humans and pets.
  • CBD has very high antioxidant and neuroprotectant properties, making it a great preventative health approach.
  • CBD is non-psychoactive (it won't make you high) and legal in all 50 states (it contains only .3% THC).
  • CBD has no known negative side effects.

Project CBD is a great resource for any of your CBD questions. We also host information evenings with our wholesaler Lichen Livin- please email colleen@denversportsmassagetherapy.com to hear about upcoming events.

  • Tincture 2 oz

    Take under the tongue daily to reduce stress, relieve muscle and arthritis pain, and help you sleep. Contains hemp in a base of organic safflower oil.

    500mg CBD


  • CBD Menthol Salve 2 oz

    Rub this salve onto areas of tension and feel the menthol and eucalyptus ease pain and reduce inflammation.

    200mg CBD


  • CBD arnica cream 4oz

    This light-weight cream is great for healing muscle aches, bruises and sprains. Eucalyptus essential oils are added for an immune system boost.

    200mg CBD


  • CBD + essential oil roller 10ml

    Frankincense essential oil combined with CBD is perfect for on the go stress relief and balance!

    100mg CBD