• Four 60-min Sports Massage sessions


  • Four 90-min Sports Massage sessions


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  • Sale! $15 off 60-min MAT or sports massage gift


  • Sale! $25 off 90-min MAT or sports massage gift


Why CBD?

Our CBD products are organic, sustainably sourced, and grown in Colorado.  They are full spectrum, meaning they have superior therapeutic properties compared to an isolate.

  • Scientific research has shown CBD may be therapeutic for conditions such as joint pain, sleep disorders, stress, and digestive issues.
  • CBD promotes homeostasis by calming the nervous system in humans and pets.
  • CBD has very high antioxidant and neuroprotectant properties, making it a great preventative health approach.
  • CBD is non-psychoactive (it won't make you high) and legal in all 50 states (it contains only .3% THC).
  • CBD has no known negative side effects.

Project CBD is a great resource for any of your CBD questions. We also host information evenings with our wholesaler Lichen Livin- please email colleen@coloradosportsrecovery.com to hear about upcoming events.

  • New! Lemon ginger drops 3.3 oz

    Lemon ginger CBD drops taste great – perfect if you don’t love the hemp taste of CBD tincture. Great as a pick-me-up while working or before working out! Keep them handy so it’s easy to take your CBD throughout the day.
    5 mg per drop, 40 drops in a reusable gold tin.


  • Bath salts 4 oz

    The perfect gift for anyone looking for total relaxation. Epsom and pink himalayan salts with magnesium oil + lavender essential oil guarantees a great night’s sleep. Use it all at once, or split it up into multiple foot and body baths.
    100mg of CBD


  • Frankincense essential oil roller 10ml

    Frankincense essential oil combined with CBD is perfect for on the go stress relief and balance!

    100mg CBD


  • Arnica cream 4oz

    This light-weight cream is great for healing muscle aches, bruises and sprains. Eucalyptus essential oils are added for an immune system boost.

    200mg CBD


  • Menthol Salve 2 oz

    This is the menthol and eucalyptus salve I use in your massage session anywhere you are feeling extra tension or soreness. Keep it at home to use before bed to ease pain and reduce inflammation.

    200mg CBD


  • Daily tincture 2 oz

    Take under the tongue daily to reduce stress, relieve muscle and arthritis pain, and help you sleep. Contains hemp in a base of organic safflower oil.

    500mg CBD