Need a physical therapist or other health care practitioner? Colleen has worked with and highly recommends the following talented professionals.


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Casey McNitt, Physical Therapist, Therapydia

Therapydia Denver is an innovative physical therapy clinic that provides one-on-one treatments to improve quality of care and patient satisfaction. At Therapydia Denver, you will experience a different approach to physical therapy and wellness.

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Robin Hutchinson, Masters of Nutrition Therapy, Healthy Nest Nutrition

The Healthy Nest approach connects the dots between how you feel and what you eat. Many times, the key to success begin with food choices.

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Rose Smith, Rolfer, Explore Rolfing

Rosalynde Smith is a Certified Rolfer and Rolf Movement Practitioner. She graduated from the Rolf Institute Of Structural Integration® in 2007 and later received her Certificate in Rolf Movement. Currently she practices Rolfing® in the community of Denver, Colorado.


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